Driving Student Success: Holistic Assessment, Placement, and Support

by Ad Astra

While there has been a great deal of attention to noncognitive factors such as “grit” and “growth mindset,” it’s still unclear to many colleges and universities how this can impact their students’ success. This webinar will discuss ways to integrate noncognitive assessment data into practical strategies such as holistic course placement, student advising and coaching, and strategic planning. Ultimately, these examples will demonstrate how noncognitive factors are more than just a buzzword, but central to a new way of understanding and supporting student success. In this webinar, you will learn how noncognitive data:

  • Inform course placement decisions above and beyond traditional academic markers (e.g., placement tests).
  • Support holistic advising, coaching, and counseling, including how to connect students with student success interventions.
  • Support institutional student success plans through mechanisms such as predictive modeling.

Ross Markle, our presenter for this Astra Academy webinar, serves as a Senior Assessment Strategist in the Higher Education Division at Educational Testing Service (ETS). In his role, he works with colleges and universities to promote the effective use of assessments and data, focusing on the issues of student success and student learning outcomes in higher education. Ross also remains actively engaged with organizations and initiatives throughout the higher education community. Prior to joining ETS, Ross served as the Director of Co-curricular Assessment and Research at Northern Kentucky University, and also earned his Ph.D. in Assessment & Measurement Psychology from James Madison University.

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