State Policies for Expanding Pathways to Degree Attainment

by Ad Astra

Join Cindy Le and James Dean Ward with Ithaka S+R as they share new, prevalent, and promising state policies that seek to expand pathways for a diverse population. Gain insight into examples of successful policies and potential pitfalls when reforming pathways, and lean into topics such as:

  • Simplifying transfer pathways
  • Articulation agreements
  • Reverse transfers
  • Reforming remediation 
  • Dual enrollment 
  • Innovative pedagogies

Ithaka S+R’s strategic advice and support services help institutions improve their performance and further their missions. Ithaka S+R generates action-oriented research for institutional decision-making and acts as a hub to promote and guide collaboration across the communities they serve.

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Cindy Le is an analyst at Ithaka S+R on the Educational Transformation team. Prior to joining Ithaka S+R, Cindy worked at World Education Services, where she conducted research on international higher education trends and student mobility. James Dean Ward is a researcher at Ithaka S+R on the Educational Transformation team. His work focuses on federal and state higher education regulatory, funding, and financial aid policies.

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