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KC Scholars: A Partnership Focused on Access to Completion and Transformation

by Ad Astra

We often hear the intention and desire to attend college from high school students. Yet, we don’t always consider how many students don’t have access to education and the transformational power of a degree. At Ad Astra, our mission is to graduate students faster. We’ve become industry experts on progress to completion, but we understand that students need to start the journey to be able to finish it. How can we graduate students that never begin because they don’t think they can afford to graduate? This question led us to KC Scholars, an organization that provides local scholars access to the transformational power of a college degree. 

Every year,  KC Scholars removes the financial obstacle of education for traditional and adult-learners by awarding scholarships. In addition, they providneeded support to encourage these students along the way. After witnessing the work that this organization is doing in our community, we knew we had to contribute 

This year, Ad Astra was delighted to review applications, sponsor two scholarships, and join the KC Scholars Award DayThese events gave Ad Astra owners, Tom and Jackie Shaver, the chance to load up our Chief Happiness Officer, Maizey the dog, and decorate their car to reveal and celebrate the news with scholarship recipients through a paradeWhen we witness joy in the eyes of students who truly want to lead better lives, we’re inspired. When we see these same students learn that access to education is no longer a burden, we're reminded why serving the entire higher education ecosystem truly matters 

We’re thrilled to remain alongside these students as they begin and continue through their college careers. We’re blessed to partner with KC Scholars, an organization that makes post-secondary education a reality. Lastly, we’re revigorated to continue to partner with organizations and institutions that are working to educate and transform students’ lives 

To learn more about KC Scholars, fund a scholarship, or become a reviewer, visit their website 


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