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Forbes | A New Initiative Looks To Save Failing Students -- and Their Colleges

by Ad Astra

Can your students get access to the courses they need to graduate on time? Or are space issues, enrollment trends, and institutional politics getting in the way?

In an article recently published by Forbes, Tom Lindsay, a former college administrator and college professor of political science and political philosophy, discusses his experience watching students struggle to graduate on-time, if at all. 

Forbes“Too often, students do not have access to the courses they need at the time they need them, making it difficult to stay on a pathway to graduation. Recent data shows just how connected such scheduling is to student retention and graduation. This isn’t surprising when one considers that nearly one-quarter of all courses are overloaded, indicating that there is a bottleneck for students attempting to get into these courses when they need them. At the same time, 45 percent of courses are under-enrolled.”

Read the full article here. 

The schedule is the foundation of every students' educational experience. Any solutions aimed at improving the schedule will impact the day-to-day activities of faculty, students, and administrators. While it seems daunting,  improving the schedule can provide immense impact to on-time student completion and resources utilization. 

  • Institutions that see an improvement in enrollment ratio generally see about a .553 percent increase in first-year retention
  • Institutions who effectively manage their prime-time ratios, a range between 45%-67% have ample accessibility where demand is the highest. 
  • The greater the amount of scheduling inefficiency, the lower the graduation rate for institutions 

If you're interested in learning how optimizing your schedule can increase your students' degree velocity, download the Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI) report, Bending the Curve

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