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Excelencia in Education Partners with Ad Astra

by Ad Astra

Ad Astra is pleased to join Excelencia in Education in their mission to accelerate Latino student success in higher education. “We believe education is the great equalizer,” noted Jackie Shaver, Chief Culture Officer at Ad Astra. “Given Excelencia in Education’s focus on eliminating equity gaps for Latinos, there are multiple opportunities for our organizations to work together to meet this common goal.”

Excelencia in Education has, for years, studied the challenges Latino and other post-traditional students face when pursuing their higher education goals. Ad Astra addresses many of these challenges by helping schools create student-aligned schedules that accelerate these students’ degree progress. Together, we are excited to link arms with our many common college and university partners to improve student outcomes.

To begin the journey, Ad Astra is actively supporting Examples of Excelencia and the Accelerating Latino Student Success (ALASS) Institute. Examples of Excelencia is the only national effort to identify and promote evidence-based practices that help accelerate Latino student success in higher education. The ALASS Institute is the meeting place for professionals leading effective strategies for Latino student success in higher education.

These programs align directly with Ad Astra’s core belief: people deserve to be valued, educated, and transformed. We are confident that our new collaboration will unlock a brighter future for Latinos and their families.

To learn more about our partnerships, please contact Janie Tyler at jtyler@aais.com. 

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