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Insights on How to Align College-Career Pathways

by John Barnshaw, Ph.D.

As the national unemployment rate hovers around 6% and many institutions struggle to meet enrollment targets, employers, in some areas and sectors of the economy, are struggling to find the talent they need. 

Additionally, for many students, looking for a pathway through postsecondary education to a career is often difficult, despite that being the number one reason why students pursue higher education according to the Higher Education Research Institute.   

Recently, Ad Astra hosted a workforce summit that brought together diverse stakeholders in higher education that provided some insight based upon their experiences on how to operationalize pathways for student success. This article discusses the three key themes that arose from their discussion. 

Theme 1 - COVID-19 has fundamentally changed course delivery. 

There’s an abundance of evidence that suggests COVID-19 has changed higher education from in-person to online, but now, we have proof that it is starting to change course delivery for the long term. As institutions begin to plan for in-person education in the fall, they are increasingly relying upon hybrid and online courses more than in previous academic years before COVID-19. One example of an institution leading this change is Ivy Tech Community College.   

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