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Sarah Collins, Chief Strategy Officer

by Admin

Sarah graduated with a B.S. in Education from Kansas State University in 1995 and started her career teaching in the primary grades while taking on leadership roles that advanced funding for technology innovation. Sarah joined Ad Astra in 1999 and led the company’s work in education, training, and implementation.

She later became a Process Consultant for hundreds of colleges and universities, where she focused on best practices in scheduling and resource allocation. She then moved into serving as a Product Manager, bridging industry needs and solutions. Sarah has played an integral role in product advancement and new market development for Ad Astra software and services.

Today, Sarah manages Ad Astra’s Strategy Team which oversees various business units. She also conducts industry presentations on best practices and insights from Ad Astra’s Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI™). Additionally, she leads the formation of partnerships with institutions, state education systems, and state leaders to advance our country’s goal for higher-education attainment by focusing on improving the way academic resources are allocated and managed.

Sarah drives to measure the correlation between better course scheduling and moving the needle — one student, one campus, at a time — toward our national goal of degree attainment and affordability.